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#1 2018-02-27 08:06:02

From: Myers Flat, CA
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Micronized Organic Nutirient Revolution

There is a revolution going on in nutrients!
Powdered micronized nutrients is available now.
This nutrients has gone through a tough process where it is steamed, smashed and sifted to a fine makeup thin powder.
This nutrients is easily up take able by your plant and much more concentrated than traditional fertilizers.

Sensational Solutions is a local company out of Arcata, CA. They make a full line of micronized nutrients, here is what they have to say about how micronized nutrients works:

The micronization process breaks down fertilizers into very fine particles and removes water, concentrating the nutrients and microorganisms and making our fertilizers effective at much lower application rates than traditional fertilizers. The increase in surface area allows microorganisms to more rapidly work to metabolize materials, making nutrients readily available to plants. They easily go into suspension, allowing them to be applied with most emitters and sprayers without clogging, and reducing the labor required for fertilization.

Personally i see this as a game changer, the nutrients is already more broken down and will get to your plants sooner.
Also you end up buying more concentrated and not watered down nutrients, this saved on waste.

Let me know what everyone thinks about this new form of nutrients?

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