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#1 2018-02-24 18:17:59

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New 4600 gallon water tanks.

New water tanks delivered and ready to set up.
We purchased 4x 4600 gallon tanks.
They are made locally in Rio Dell, CA from Humboldt Rotational Moldings.
Once installed we will no longer be taking any water from our well during the summer months.
These tanks are massive, if you fell inside there would be no way to escape!
The folks at Humboldt Rotational Moldings were really nice and professional upon delivery.

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#2 2018-02-24 19:46:06

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Re: New 4600 gallon water tanks.

Whoa! talk about a lot of water storage, I hear a lot of farmers are getting new tanks.
When I went to Whitethorn last I noticed a lot of farmers had huge amounts of water tanks! it really amazed me how much water storage they had. Hopefully this will mean higher flows on the Mattole in the summer.


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