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State Annual License Application Fees

The following are nonrefundable application fees for the specified annual license type and shall be paid by the applicant at
the time the complete application is submitted to the department:

(a)  Specialty Cottage Outdoor $135
(b)  Specialty Cottage Indoor   $205
(c)  Specialty Cottage Mixed -Light Tier 1  $340
(d)  Specialty Cottage Mixed -Light Tier 2  $580
(e)  Specialty Outdoor $270
(f)  Specialty Indoor $2,170
(g)  Specialty Mixed -Light Tier 1 $655
(h)  Specialty Mixed -Light Tier 2 $1,125
(i)   Small Outdoor $535
(j)  Small Indoor $3,935
(k) Small Mixed -Light Tier 1 $1,310
(l)  Small Mixed -Light Tier 2 $2,250
(m) Medium Outdoor $1,555
(n)  Medium Indoor $8,655
(o)  Medium Mixed -Light Tier 1 $2,885
(p)  Medium Mixed -Light Tier 2 $4,945
(q)  Nursery $520
(r)  Processor $1,040

Old Growth Farms - Premium Sun grown Cannabis from Humboldt County.


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