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Humboldt County AG Dept - Laws and Regulations for Cannabis Cultivator

Laws and Regulations for Cannabis Cultivators
The Department of Pesticide Regulation recognizes cannabis as an agricultural commodity. As such, cultivators using pesticides for the
commercial production of cannabis are required to follow all laws and regulations pertaining to pesticide applications and fieldworker safety.

Operator Identification Number (OIN)
Before purchasing or using a pesticide for commercial production, the property operator must obtain an OIN from the Agricultural Commissioner’s office. The OIN is a unique number used by the Department of Pesticide regulation to track pesticide use throughout the state. Each site where a pesticide will be applied is given a unique site identification number.

Other information in the OIN include
Section, Township, and Range location of each site, as well as site size (square footage or acres).
The OIN application is available as a fillable formon our website and can be submitted to our office electronically
Private Applicator Certification
Employees working in treated fields are considered fieldworkers. As such, they must have pesticide training before working in the treated  areas. Training must be conducted by someone possessing a license issued by the Department of Pesticide Regulation (DPR).

The Agricultural Commissioner’s office is suggesting that property operators or managers obtain Private Applicator Certification.
The PAC exam is administered by our office at no cost. Exam study guides are available for purchase for $7.00. They may also be purchased online at
(also available in PDF format).

Please contact our office for further information.

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